Sunday, 22 July 2012

Arabic Mehndi Designs For Brides

Whenever we visit any wedding ceremony we will find one thing massively common in all the brides and that is the appearance of beautiful and dazzling mehndi designs on their hands. In the past all the brides used to apply single pattern of mehndi designs on their hands but however with the increase in the popularity of mehndi designs the world has introduced different styles of mehndi designs for the brides. This article discusses some of the most prominent designs of mehndi. Arabic mehndi designs are the most renowned ones in South Asia and Middle East. However the application process of Arabic mehndi is wholesome similar to the Henna mehndi but the main difference arises in the designs and unique touch. Arabic mehndi designs do not demands for much complicated designs for the brides. They make the designs look even more beautiful by applying varieties of colors along with the touch of glitters. 

Indian Mehndi designs usually demands for an extra place in the on the hands. It applies the mehndi on palms and back of the hand by showing a little skin of the hands. Many brides also find it very unique to apply the mehndi on the toes and feet.  Furthermore giving the images of animals such as elephant and peacock are massively common in Indian mehndi but such forms are not finding in Pakistan mehndi designs. After having a brief discussion it is concluded that these mehndi designs have been specially specified for the brides therefore if you are getting into the bride dress don’t forget to apply any of these designs for making your wedding even more unforgettable. In this post we are sharing few pictures of few beautiful mehndi designs for future brides. All future brides should give a quick look.

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