Thursday, 18 October 2012

Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs For Kids

As we know that girls and women are the heartfelt fans of mehndi but on the other hand small kids have also not step back as they also wishes to decorate their hands and feet for attracting the people attention on the wedding seasons and festival occurrences. But apart from decorating the hands with difficult mehndi designs it is even more appropriate for the women to prefer simple mehndi designs for their kids and in such situations Arabic mehndi designs is the best and the most suitable option. Such mehndi designs are simple and plain and can even be decorated on the hands by the child herself. Arabic mehndi is just similar to other mehndi that is essentially brown in color and mostly involves the paste of Heena. But the difference arises in the patterns and designs that are totally dissimilar from other mehndi deigns.

Arabic mehndi designs for kids accompanies the patterns of flowers and floral designs that normally set the decoration on one side of the hand and feet and does not reaches high up to the top of the hand. Such designs mostly leaves maximum place in between the hands so that the design becomes more prominent to others. The term Arabic frequently means the appearance of flowers and peacock so it also reflects the symbols of such designs in its mehndi patterns as well that most eminently includes floral deigns, peacock and beads texture that looks stunning on the hands. The designs of flowers and peacock can also be easily applied by the kids as they are increasingly simple and does not involve any difficulty.  So all the women out there if your kid wants to dazzle up her hand on this Eid than make her aware from the Arabic designs and we are completely sure that your child will definitely say AWESOME…….


  1. This is a great blog for mehndi desgins. You have lot of amazing Mehndi designs. Mehndi is culture and tradition in Indian subcontinet. In Arab countries it is popular and known as arabic mehndi designs for hands. In Pakistan it is evoved as a mixture indian and arabic designs

  2. I love your collection of Arabic mehndi designs , it really showcase the rich culture of the hindu and muslims.

  3. This blog is looking beautiful and Designs are really easy to learn.